2019 International Plowing Match


The 2019 International Plowing Match and Rural Expo is scheduled to be held in Verner, West Nippissing, Ontario from September 17 – 21.  This years Match marks the second time in the history that the International Plowing Match is to be held in northern Ontario. The International Plowing Match and Rural Expo attracts 70,000 to 95,000 visitors in the five days of exhibiting the past, present, and future technologies of farm equipment, merchandise for sale, food, antiques and plowing contests. A great week for farmers and visitors alike.

The Reformed Evangelistic Outreach hopes to set up a booth in the tented city to handout Christian tracts, bookmarks, calendars, free Bibles and booklets. Many Christian books are on display to be sold at cost. The Reformed Evangelistic Outreach is supported by the FRC, HRC, URC, and many individuals since starting 36 years ago.

Each year tens of thousands of tracts, bookmarks and calendars are handed out in the English and French languages. Hundreds of Bibles are handed out, especially to children. Every year bus loads of children visit the International Plowing Match and Rural Expo from local schools. Many children have never had a Bible.  At last years International Plowing Match and Rural Expo one child asked for another Bible, because she said, “My mother would like a Bible, she doesn’t have one.” Frequently the six to eight volunteers working in our booth are asked questions regarding the Reformed Faith and Christianity or to share their own Christian experiences. One of the workers in our booth is fluent in French and is very much appreciated by many.

The Reformed Evangelistic Outreach is aware that our work is nothing without the Lord.  We are to sow the seed, but God gives the increase!  Please remember this evangelical outreach in your prayers, especially as we near September 17, 2019. Pray that the Lord will work with His Holy Spirit in hearts to make alive the spiritually dead and strengthen those who are seeking the Lord to grow in grace.

2017 International Plowing Match

The 2017 International Plowing Match and Rural Expo was held in Walton, Ontario, in Huron County.  The Match was held from September 19 to 23 with over 76,000 visitors. This was not a record attendance because the Match closed on Wednesday due to major rain and mud.  The remainder of the week was very warm.

The Reformed Evangelical Outreach committee set up the large tent filled with an inviting display of books and Bibles.  Approximately 20,000 tracts, 5,000 calendars (which had monthly Bible texts on a beautiful picture of nature) and hundreds of Bibles were handed out to children. Over 200 books were purchased, including devotionals, Christian edifying books, Bibles and children books.  Overall, they were very well received by young and old.

It was surprisingly sad how many Ontario school children, when asked if they had a Bible, replied by saying, “What is a Bible?”

There were many opportunities to have a conversation with those that did ask questions or made comments regarding the Reformed faith or general Christian conversation.

Please pray that God will bless His Word that went forth at the International Plowing Match and that souls will be saved to the honour of God and to live and die in the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Lord willing, the 2018 International Plowing Match and Expo is scheduled for September 18 to 22 near Pain Court, in Chatham-Kent County, Ontario.